The Scholar school



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Working Hours

Mon-Sat: 9.30am To 7.00pm

       Our Mission

  • To develop the students’ physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual personality in accordance with the   teachings of Islam.
  • To develop in them leadership qualities, self-confidence and self-esteem, independent thinking, effective decision making and good management of human resources.
  • To help them to master the basic language skills: reading and writing proficiently, effective mechanics,
    comprehension and composition.
  • To make them effective and confident communicators, displaying clarity of thought, and good listeners to different views defending their views diligently and logically.
  • To make them aware of the history of civilisations, current issues and events, social problems concerning the Muslim world and other communities.
  • To enable them to have a sound understanding of Islamic character and to make them exhibit these qualities in their day to day life and feel pride in their Islamic identity and to make them aware of their role as khalifa – tullah on earth


     Our Vission

  • To enable the students to share and participate in the development process in the context of the society of which he/she is a part.
    •    To make the students aware of the fast development in the field of science and technology and to enable them to use these to their advantage.
    •    To give an opportunity to the students to develop themselves physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually in accordance with Islamic teachings as per his innate capacities & aptitude.
    •    To enable the students to accept, appreciate and adopt the newt rends in all sphere of life. To prepare the students for the challenges that the future may pose
    •    To enable the students to choose ideals in life and to work for achieving those ideals.
    •    To enable the students to understand their duties and rights and to enable them to appreciate and take pride in man’s achievements and understand the interdependence of all nations on each other To help ensure the smooth development of the human society as a whole in all respects.